Neon Souls: March 2021 Edition

Kelsey Hopman and Kyah Even for Neon Souls: March Edition


 With Spring soon approaching, this month is all about fresh starts and small steps towards normalcy. It’s been one (very long) year since the pandemic began and all of us are longing for the day that we can fully return to our pre-pandemic lives, leaving behind our days of working from home, all-day pyjama parties, at-home workouts, and zoom meetings. As a silver lining however, this past year has been a learning experience for us all; a period of growth and self-reflection, a time that we’ve grown more appreciative for the simple things in life. This change in perspective coupled with the long-awaited change in seasons brings with it an opportunity for change within our lives and our perspectives - an emotional Spring cleaning of sorts. So, this month we’re ditching the Winter blues and bringing some colour back into our lives, whether it be in the way we dress, the makeup we wear, or the attitudes we have. 

In honour of this, we’re so excited to introduce two artists who aren’t afraid to play with colour and push the boundaries in the world of makeup. Kelsey Hopman (@kelseyh.beautyblogger) and Kyah Even (@kyaheven) are our Neon Souls of the month. These two artists are insanely talented (scroll down to see for yourself) and we’re inspired by their energy and their creativity. 

If you haven’t already, start following their journey right away, their artistry is so inspiring, creative, and drop-dead gorgeous!


Kelsey Hopman

Kelsey is a Canadian working mom of three whose passion for makeup began as a creative outlet and a source of self-empowerment. With a love for colourful and creative makeup looks, Kelsey’s goal is to inspire others to create and show everyone just how fun it can be to push yourself out of your comfort zone. In honour of ditching the Winter blues and stepping forward into Spring, we caught up with Kelsey about her artistry and how she navigated the pandemic.

Kelsey wears the Dine Me Lipstick Balm.
HN: What started your journey in the world of beauty?
Kelsey: My journey really started with wanting to make time for myself. As a busy working mom of three, I struggled to find the time to do something for me that I loved. I was feeling lost in who I am as a women and I really wanted to do something I loved! Which is being creative and artistic! I’ve always Ioved makeup and the beauty industry so I turned to the platform to meet like-minded people who I can connect with and my passion blossomed from there. 

 HN: How does your creativity related to makeup change as the weather gets warmer and we transition into spring?  
Kelsey: I definitely adapt to the different climate changes here in Canada. Using different textures for the weather change, bringing in warmer colours and tones and using the things around me to get inspired to create.
Kelsey wears the Dine Me Lipstick Balm
 HN: What was your greatest takeaway from the pandemic? 
Kelsey: During the start of the pandemic I was laid off from my office job. Which gave me more time to sit and work on myself. Even though I was stuck at home, I took everyday to learn, get inspired and work to become a better artist. I also got to spend a lot of quality time with my kids and husband, which I really loved. 
Kyah Even 
Kyah began her journey in the world of beauty in 2018 with a goal of becoming a makeup artist, which to her means that you're constantly growing, learning, and perfecting a beautiful art form. For Kyah, creativity is freedom and confidence. We caught up with Kyah to learn about her love for all things beauty and what her go-to pick me up has been throughout the pandemic. 

Kyah wears the Iconic Velvet Liquid Lipstick.

 HN: What’s your go-to makeup look when you need an extra confidence boost?
Kyah: Whenever I'm feeling down and need to just shake off that feeling, I always resort to doing makeup, and my favorite look to create is something glittery and smokey. I like to create a very glam eyeshadow look that includes the most intense sparkle and has a foxy, smoked out effect. I love doing a makeup look like this because I feel like it represents my personality; super feminine and bright, yet a little mysterious and unexpected. 

HN: How does your creativity related to makeup change as the weather gets warmer and we transition into spring?
 Kyah: When spring hits, I'm all about using every color of the rainbow. Ever since I began my makeup journey on Instagram, I feel more comfortable wearing bright shadows and liner in public (this is something I'd encourage every girl to do, just step out of your comfort zone a bit). This may mean plugging in a lavender metallic shade to highlight my inner corner, doing a pastel monochromatic look, or using colored eyeliners to create a fun graphic liner! I love a good moody lip, but all the bright, neon shades uplift my spirit too!

Kyah wears the DF Velvet Liquid Lipstick

HN: What was your greatest take away from the pandemic? 
Kyah:  One of the greatest lessons the pandemic has taught me is to trust in the Lord and to seek Him with every fibre of my being. I know for some this may be a tricky concept and easier said than done, but when you realize you're completely out of control, you must rely on your anchor, your refuge and strength, and for me, that's God. I was born and raised in a Christian home, and was always a firm believer of Christ, but like many, I struggled with seeking Him with all I've got. But this year He opened my eyes to what it means to truly surrender to His will, and what actions to take to live this out. Many people will look back on this season as the worst thing they've ever lived through, but I will be forever grateful because I saw my Savior in a new light. 

HN:  Did you learn something new about yourself during the pandemic? 
Kyah:  I'm one of those people that has always struggled with doubting myself and formulating excuses to back out of something because of that doubt. But during the pandemic, I realized that there was so much more to me than what I've seen in the mirror all my life. I professed "I can't" over myself for far too long, and now I will say, with a bold faith, that "I can". Overcoming mental illness is a heavy battle, but it starts with taking control of what thoughts you're feeding. If you see negativity hovering over you, you have the authority to shut it up and speak life and positivity over you. 

Kyah wear the Call Me Lipstick Balm 
HN: What’s your go-to pick me up to bring back a sense of normalcy into your life? 
Kyah: If I come to a point where I need to bring back normalcy, I like to relax and spend time with my family. When I'm stressed out to the max, I like to be with people who make me laugh and encourage me, and doing something as simple as sitting with a loved one is so rewarding. We were created to be relational creatures, and cultivating strong relationships, especially during the pandemic, is extremely beneficial to make things sail smoothly. It's all about teamwork, unity, and bearing each other's burdens, and living with generous hearts. A normal life in my opinion means having someone by your side, and being there for them as well.


We hope you loved getting to know our two incredible Neon Souls of the month, Kelsey and Kyah. These two women are inspiring in so many ways and we're so excited to share them with the entire Neon Squad. 

The Neon Souls project is so important to us because we love exploring the personal side of social media and getting to know the person behind a picture. If you love this project and think that you would be a great creator to be featured in future editions, send us an email to to introduce yourself and explain why you'd be an amazing Neon Soul. We can't wait to get to know all of you!

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