About us

Hola Neon was created with the mindset that life can get too serious sometimes. We go to work, have dinner at our grandparents' (no mini skirts allowed there!), we attend boring cocktail parties (no cleavage at work events, Miss!) and forget along the way how fun it is to unleash our inner craziness. We also believe that unleashing shouldn't be a once-a-year kinda deal. Unleash often; daily if possible. You have clouds on your feet. You are as mysterious as the sea. You are whoever you want to be. Show everyone. 

Our liquid lipstick line helps you look your best. Always. Whether you need to look as angelic as possible (we won't be fooled) or need to pull a casually chic vibe while roaming the beaches of Split, these little tubes are magic. Grab your pant suit and tube of DF, the perfect everyday pink, to kill it at that meeting. You're feeling like the night and you are one tonight? Neon Dreams is right in your purse. 

Whatever the case, remember that a squad of equally rebellious and celestially glamorous group of people populate the world. We get you. We won't ever judge. 

The neon team is neon, or at least our souls are. Welcome to our world. 

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