Style your lipstick - what to wear with your fave fall shades

Hola Neon tinted lipstick balms perfect fall shades in shades wine me, dine me, call me, trust me, love me, 69 me


‘Tis the season for longer hemlines and heavier fabrics, but most importantly, bolder lips (at least in our books). Whether you prefer ruby reds or exotic oranges, we're ready to show you how we pair our fave Hola Neon products with this season's fashion colour trends. 


Juicy oranges that will brighten up your home office outfits

Upgrade your loungewear with a bright orange lip. Whether you’re in the mood for a striking, highly pigmented liquid lipstick like Exotic & Foreign, or a more subtle option like our lipstick balm in Dine Me,  an orange lip is a sure fire way to brighten up your camel coloured sweats on days you want to dress up for your own. damn. self. 

collage of camel tanned coloured loungewear paired with orange lipstick and tinted lipstick balms with inspiring quotes girl power and you gotta love yourself

Vibrant purples paired with an all-green-look to make you forget that summer is over

In the mood to dress up for your trip to the grocery store? Berry shades are a fall staple and FOMO, one of our iconic shades is completely transfer-proof and perfect to wear under your mask. Contrast it with pistachio hues to really turn heads on your walk back. Keep Wine Me handy in case you’re in need of extra hydration. 

collage of green outfits paired with purple lipstick and tinted lipstick balms with inspiring quotes taking care of yourself is productive and be a badass with a good ass

Warm reds to keep you flamin’ this fall

A luscious red lip can pull together any outfit. Love me, the balm, can be blended to a stain leaving your lips looking like you’ve just enjoyed the sweetest raspberries. Or turn up the heat by layering on Hola, Lover for a stay-at-home dinner date. Let your lips do the talking with crisp whites, denim blues, and gold accents.

collage of casual messy bun, blue jeans, sneakers, gold accessories, and a white t-shirt outfit paired with red lipstick and tinted lip balms with inspiring quote thou shall not let low vibing sketchy ass energy penetrate thy aura


Charming nudes perfect for your cotton candy pink cravings

Looking to dress up for that socially distanced outing but not ready to ditch the summer palette just yet? Try pairing your millennial pink wardrobe with our long lasting lipstick in DF for a monochromatic palette that’s feminine and flirty. Call Me is our go-to for like, everything so 

collage of pink monochrome outfits paired with nude lipsticks and tinted lip balms with quote maybe I'm not too sensitive maybe your just a dickhead


So there you have it! Four lipstick shades and a perfectly curated fall quarantine wardrobe. 

Let us know, what’s your favourite look? How’s quarantine treating you? Leave us a comment!

Team HN

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