Are you wearing makeup during social-distancing?

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This whole pandemic has been a rollercoaster of emotions, to say the least.

Good days have meant challenging myself by making 'difficult' home-cooked meals, getting a grip on a meditation practice, ticking off some titles from my incredibly long reading list and re-watching my favourite chick flicks.

Mean Girls, a reassuring dose of funny predictability

Bad days look an awful lot like not getting up from the couch except to walk to the freezer to open up a second container of ice cream.

Calories don't count if you're stressed, right?

In terms of beauty, my routine has also changed considerably. The situation has been drastic. I go from being in my pajamas all day, some iteration of crazy looking hair and zero makeup to 70's rockstar, bold vampy lipstick, sequins, heels, blazers and wigs (ok, I don’t actually own a wig but, you know what I mean) plus everything in between.

I find that the act of getting dressed and putting makeup on really helps increase my creativity and retain my sanity. 

Below, some of the various states of my makeup and wardrobe routine.

I tuned into my favorite celebrity makeup artist’s Youtube - Lisa Eldridge - and ended up copying one of the looks she featured in her history of makeup video. I may have found my Halloween costume while learning a lot about the history of makeup.

 Lisa Eldridge teaching us all about the techniques of the 16th century, when putting toxic lead all over your face was deemed a great fashion statement.

Wearing heels + a tinted balm (for maybe thirty minutes, max) as I boiled the water for my oatmeal made me feel super empowered for the day. I quickly remembered why, quarantine or not, I never wear heels. I’m thinking that slipper-inspired footwear is going to be huge post social-distancing. Thoughts? 

Business on top + Party Down Below + Natural Makeup by @pernilleteisbaek

A nude lip always puts me in a drinking mood, not sure why. So it was a terrible idea to do a full-on, at home glam on a Tuesday morning. Every time I got up from my desk to go to the bathroom (I’ve been drinking a zillion gallons of water these days) I would look at myself in the mirror and debate whether wrapping up work at noon and substitute it with house music and tequila shots was a good idea. I resisted until 4 pm and proceeded to turn it UPPP. This was a bad idea. 

Forget all your sorrows by glamming it up a la @amandafrezar 

There are clear opposing rules when it comes to choosing your outfit depending on whether you're in or outdoors beyond the obvious reasons. A bra and no pants are not acceptable for going the movies, unfortunately, but when we’re talking about staying indoors, everything goes.

There’s something very reassuring about dressing up even if you’re alone, because, after all, we dress for ourselves, right? So one day I decided to layer my favorite pieces of clothing and wear my favorite lipstick and eye makeup. I stacked some chokers and even put on a hat. Odd, perhaps, but whatever is in your closet and in your vanity is likely to be an extension of your likes and your path to self-expression so I encourage you to put on whatever you'd wear to an incredibly important even, you'll feel better instantly. Promise. 

@mirandamakaroff going all-out with her at-home lewk. YAS!

I may have some days when makeup and clothes prove the best allies for keeping my sanity. They help spark up my creativity, feel empowered and I have more fun when I look good but, realistically, it makes zero sense to go all out every day if you’re sitting at home and in bed by 9 pm. Most days, I settle for groomed brows, my favourite tinted lip balm and a touch of blush. It makes my dog-walking experience less creepy as I stroll the empty city streets.

@kelseymerritt killing the natural makeup look

Lipstick is such an armor. A little pick-me-up now that extravagant luxuries are off the menu. The small indulgence of wearing my favourite lipstick has had an incredible effect on my mood. I'll cheers you and everyone who will drink with me to that. 

Tell me in the comments, have you been wearing makeup during social-distancing? What kind? What's your at-home look and are you changing it up or staying in sweats for the foreseeable future?

- Tamara Osnaya

Founder, Hola Neon  

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