Isolation 101

Isolation 101

In these COVID-19 turbulent times full of uncertainty, we want to encourage you to step back and enjoy the forced calm that we’ve all been secretly asking for.

Your mindset can truly make a difference and while you may be stressed for your health, your job or your sanity, remember that life is made of ups and downs.

We may be experiencing the down right now, and knowing there’s nothing we can do to control the situation may be frustrating but we invite you to join us in focusing on what we do have control over. 

Here are a few of the things we’ve been doing that have helped us cultivate patience, and remember that taking time off our busy lives to tune back into ourselves can be a gift that will likely not come back any time soon. Let’s make the best of it.

1. Rise & Shine (the right way) 
Start the day by taking 5 to 10 deep breaths. Feel the air as it moves through your body and really connect with the power that it holds to change how you’re feeling. Then, stretch for 5 minutes, holding these poses for at least 30 seconds each. Believe us, this will set your day for success.

2. Continue to breathe
Meditation is a powerful tool for many reasons. There’s research that supports that it can help to problem-solve more effectively, reduce stress, and increase your empathic and compassionate side. We’re sold for these reasons alone but our favorite reason is that it helps us connect with a quiet, peaceful side of ourselves. The side that doesn’t live in the past or questions what the future holds. The side that simply is.

3. Eat to strengthen your immune system
Eat more foods that are high in zinc. Great news - dark chocolate contains lots of it. So do sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, and lentils. These will help give your immune system a kick. Vitamin C is also really important: citrus, carrots, and overall plant foods are all high in this super important vitamin. A probiotic is also a great way to help balance your gut and improve your general health. #nomnomnom

4. Goal-Set
If you don’t know where you’re going, you may not like where you end up. Goal-set for the next 6 months, year and 5 years. This is a great time to go deep and take a look at your life and where it’s headed. Check out this great article on how goal-setting can double your chances of achieving your dreams:

5. Get cleanin'
Clean out your makeup drawer(s). As we hope you know, your cosmetics have a typical life of 12 months after opening. If you’re pressed to remember when you bought something or if you wore a certain lipstick to your high school graduation and now cease to have to call your mom to let her know at what time you’ll be home from the movies, it’s very much time to say your goodbyes.

6. Get Movin’ 
Learn a dance choreography on YT and show off your moves the next time you’re at the club celebrating things being back to normal. We’re almost done learning Beyonce's "Crazy in Love". Check it out here: 

7. Get Learnin’
“Never stop learning, for when we stop learning, we stop growing.” - Loyal Newman. Could we ask for a better time to dive deep into mastering a new skill? This is your time to finally start that course on graphic design, photography, crafts, or whatever it is that you're passionate about. There are tons of online resources that are affordable and convenient. Your brain will thank you.

8. Help out if you can
Offer to pick groceries for someone in need. Remember that elderly people are at most risk. You can also show them how to use a delivery app, which enables them to take action whenever they need to. 

We do this every month to help us visualize what we want to achieve. We then use sections of it as our phone’s background to keep us motivated and excited. We usually got to Pinterest, screenshot images and assemble them on a good old fashioned PowerPoint slide. Here's a section of our March board:

10. The sky is the limit
There are lots of things you can do to stay connected with friends, family and yourself - even while in isolation. You could plan a video chat picnic or party (wine o'clock, anybody?), handwrite letters to friends you haven’t seen in a while (and actually send them through the mail) or spark up intimacy in your relationship using the NYT 36 questions that lead to love. They claim that these series of personal questions will have even strangers falling in love. Check them out here: some of our favorites: "Do you have a secret hunch about how you will die?" DEEP! and what about "If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?" Great insight into someone's past and, in a way, regrets. 

Remember that this is temporary and that the best way out is always through. As usual, we love to hear from you! If you have time, reply to this email and let us know: what is your number one tip to stay positive when times are hard?

With much love,
Team Hola Neon

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