Neon Souls: February 2021 Edition

Neon Souls: February 2021 Edition

February marks the official launch of a really exciting collaborative project that we've been working on for a while now. Since January was kind of a test month for us and February is officially marking the start of the year, we decided that all exciting projects and new year resolutions should launch this month. Who's with us?

Starting this month and every month after, our Neon Souls monthly edition will be highlighting creators that we truly love. The people we choose will be  highly curated and inspiring in unique ways - be it through their inspiring energy, words, the way they interact with their audience or their creativity and visual aesthetic. These are creators who inspire us deeply and lead in their own unique ways. Our goal for this initiative is to leverage Instagram to zoom in on what’s behind what sometimes feels heavily focused on strictly bite-sized content. Don’t get us wrong, we love the visual impact of social media but it can often leave you wondering who’s behind the content and what drives the incredible creations. 

We could not be happier to announce our first two Neon Souls of February - Mellisa Nuy (@makeupbydutch) and Karla Fortea (@karlafortea). We've worked with these incredible women for a couple of years now and they've supported the growth of Hola Neon almost since launch - we could not be more grateful to have them in our lives! You've probably seen their creative genius in our feed a few times but, if you haven't, do yourself a favour and start following their journey ASAP, their creativity is inspiring, refreshing and always jaw-dropping. 


Melissa Nuy 


Melissa is a Dutch content creator who started her career in the beauty world by practicing makeup application on her sister as a kid. In honour of the love month, we caught up with Melissa about her biggest inspirations and her biggest love. The answers are adorable and super Valentines worthy. Enjoy!

Melissa wears our High-Gloss Lacquer in Kahlo

HN: What inspires you to create?
What inspires me to create is that I have been obsessed with makeup all my life, I was always reading magazines cutting out pictures and using them as a poster on my wall. I’m a creative person and can not sit still so when I’m making content I completely relax. I’m always thinking about new color combos and creating new looks.

HN: Who is your biggest source of love and why?
That’s my boyfriend, he is my buddy and my soulmate for life! This year we'll be  going 10 years with each other. He is always there for me and brightens me up when I am sad. And what I find very important, we can be ourselves with each other I think that is the power of a good relationship.

A closer look of Kahlo by Melissa

HN: Who is your woman idol and why?
@snitchery - she is totally talented and creates amazing looks. She certainly inspires me.

Melissa tries on all our new High-Gloss Lacquers and Glass-Shine Glosses check out her amazing Reel here.


Karla Fortea
Karla is a Spanish creator who's studying Communications and Marketing in Valencia. Other than her passion for creating super creative makeup looks, she's running a jewellery business called Yummy Jewels. We caught up with Karla to ask her about what inspires her and how she stays positive. 

Karla is wearing Williams on top of a Mulberry lipstick

HN: What does makeup mean to you?
For me, makeup is like climbing. You have to make an effort to go up, to progress, to grow. But when you see what you achieved, you feel proud and happy, and you feel that it’s all worth it. The advantage of makeup is that there is no top, you always have the opportunity to improve.

Karla wears Wink ;) on this look inspired by The Umbrella Academy

HN: What inspires you to create?
I can get inspired by everything! The details from daily life can lead to the most unexpected and brilliant ideas.

Karla wears Wink ;)

HN: How do you balance the good days with the bad ones?
I always try to see things from a broad perspective. Normally, the things that make us worry today won’t matter tomorrow.


We hope you enjoyed learning more about these beautiful Neon Souls and that you follow them along for more badass content. 

Stay neon, 
Team HN

P.S.: If you're interested in being featured, send us an email to and share a few things about yourself, your IG handle and whatever you think makes your soul neon. 

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