Animal testing is still prevalent... even in the US

Animal testing is still prevalent... even in the US

Hola Neon is a brand that respects all life and openly disapproves of animal testing (as all brands should!). We are deeply passionate about animals and think that bringing these issues to light is important in trying to fight them. 

According to an undercover PETA investigation* 61,000 dogs are tormented in US labs every YEAR. The investigation found that the University of Utah "was purchasing homeless dogs and cats from local shelters for use in invasive, painful, and often deadly experiments."

PETA also found that Professional Laboratory and Research Services (PLRS), which is a contract testing lab, was abusing dogs and cats while testing insecticides and other chemicals used in companion-animal products. Our four-legged BFFs spent years in cages, "either to be used repeatedly in tests or to be kept infested with worms for some future study". "They endured bloody feces, worm infestations, oozing sores, abscessed teeth, hematomas, and pus- and blood-filled infections without receiving adequate veterinary examinations and treatment." Thankfully, PLRS was shut down after PETA exposed them. 

Dogs are also abused in human-disease studies. In a heartbreaking discovery by PETA, George Billman, a vivisector of Ohio University, forced dogs to run on a treadmill until they collapsed from a heart attack. After that, the dogs were killed so that their heart tissue could be studied.

PETA also discovered that the University of Pennsylvania was breeding puppies with a degenerative eye disease that left them blind after some time. Three-week-old beagles were killed and had their eyes cut out for testing. Beagles are known to be the breed that is most commonly used for dog testing as they have the right size to endure the painful procedures and are known to forgive the fastest.

We can all help, first by purchasing only from brands that do not test on animals. Secondly, by asking the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which currently requires that new pharmaceuticals be tested on animals, including dogs—to accept non-animal methods in place of archaic, painful and unreliable animal tests.

Knowledge is power and with power comes responsibility, let's unite and be diligent with our purchasing decisions. 

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