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A mauve pink with brown undertones. Oh-so-chic and classic!

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Tavarez, Gabriela
I’m not sure

I got the shade FOMO liquid lipstick in an Ipsy bag and really loved it. I likes that it was long lasting so I decided to buy another color since I don’t really wear purplish lipsticks. I got DF because it looked nice and neutral on the picture but when I got it it was a DARK brown. I was really disappointed with the color, I wasn’t expecting it to be this dark since it didn’t look dark on the pictures. I never wear dark colors and don’t really see myself wearing this outside often but I still really like the formula. Bummer.

Maria Alejandra Ureña Tiburcio
I love so much

Encantada con la compra


I too got this from Ipsy a while ago and hadn't used it yet because I always have a mask on! Just tried it and love it. I came here looking for another color. I was expecting a gloss, but it is matte, dries so nicely, and stays true to color for hours. My new favorite!

Kelly Jones
LOVE This Lipstick!

I got this from an Ipsy bag some time ago but hadn't tried it out until recently and oh my god I am obsessed! One coat lasts ALL day, doesn't transfer at all, doesn't dry out my lips, and it doesn't bleed! I'm ordering more of this lipstick because I am so impressed. I used to only wear Colourpop's liquid lipstick, but Hola Neon might just become my new go-to!

Emily White

I love this liquid lipstick color!!!!!!

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